Why I teamed up with Gray Line Investments

A few weeks ago, three of my West Point classmates approached me and asked me to help them with their startup. I was very intrigued and eager to dive in. Within a couple of weeks, they asked me to come on as their chief of operations and I whole-heartedly agreed, because I saw what they were doing and knew that they were going places. Within two months of coming on board, they shared 25% of equity in their company and brought me on as a full partner. I couldn’t be more excited and honored for this role! And I wanted to share exactly why I chose to join this incredible team. 

1. They value me. 

This team values my expertise, my work ethic, and my leadership skills, and they know that I can help them take it to the next level. They value the work that I put into this point. They value what I can bring to the table, and they value my perspective.

2. We’re going places. 

Grayline has goals of being the number one wholesaler in the country, and I have full faith that we will accomplish this. We also have plans to have enough assets under management to cover all of our business expenses and the salary of all of our employees and contractors. We are working on education, coaching, and mastermind platforms as well. And this team can do all of that and more! 

3. Four is better than one. 

Entrepreneurship is really rewarding, but can also be very hard. Being a solopreneur can be exceptionally challenging because the weight of the entire business falls on one person’s shoulders alone. Having four partners allows us to do four times as much (and probably a lot more!) in the same amount of time, keeps us on track, and motivates each of us to get the job done. To say that we’ll be able to do four times as much as I could ever do on my own would be a significant understatement.

4. Together we can make a huge impact. 

Within a month of me coming on board, we made a significant charitable donation, and we have big plans to exponentially increase what we’re able to give back. But it’s not just about the money. We truly want to make an impact and make this world a better place for veterans and for every American.

So I hope you’re as excited as I am about this endeavor and I look forward to continue to work with you all on our path to financial freedom! If you aren’t already receiving our deals, make sure you are on our cash buyer’s list! And let us know how we can help and support you and your business! 

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  1. I’m so glad to see Gray Line taking off! Thanks for making the deal that I just closed with you guys go so smooth!

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