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After serving in the Army for 14 years, I recognized an opportunity in real estate investing that allowed me to earn 6 figures in my first full year in business. Navigating the process without a mentor was terrifying. I’ve developed a system for success and I’m ready to share it with you. In my first year as an investor, I built a Real Estate portfolio valued at over $2M with a cash flow of $4,000/mo. That number quickly rose to $10,000 and I’ve kept building from there! If you’re serious about investing in your future, it’s time to get started.

How To Invest in Real Estate Like Your Life Depends on It

A Guide to Productive and Lucrative Real Estate Investing for Beginners

Meet Your Coach – Me! Erin Helle
Charting Your Course – Goal Setting & Mindset
Laying the Foundation – Discovering Ways to Purchase Real Estate & Building Your Team
Putting It All Together – Analyzing Markets & Deals
Taking Flight – Making Offers  

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After several difficult renovations of investment properties, Erin helped me establish a plan and develop tools to more effectively manage contractors. Her real world experience and commitment to helping others be successful are incredible, and have made my processes so much more effective. I’m sure I will be working with Erin again as my own business grows.

-Alfred H

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