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Erin Helle
Wife * Mom * Veteran * Entrepreneur * Dreamer
  • Erin graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 2009 and served on active duty for over 8 years, deploying to both Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • Erin has a passion for helping people and experienced first hand how life changing real estate investing can be.
  • Within 18 months of investing, Erin owned 19 doors.
  • During Erin’s first full year as a coach and investor, she profited over $200,000.
  • Erin is a wife to an Army Officer and a mom to two amazing little girls!
  • Erin has been featured on BiggerPockets, Winners, Wallets & Worldviews, The Service Academy Business Mastermind, and the InvestorMama Podcast and numerous other real estate blogs.

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What People Say

“Erin’s Mentorship through her mastermind program helped me to confidently invest in real estate and opened up my eyes to a whole new level of financial freedom!! 11/10 recommend—her course will change your life!” – Jordan I.

Erin is driven and knowledgeable. Not only is she beyond successful, but she has the most beautiful family that she is fully devoted to. A mix of confident business woman with two precious girls looking up to her makes Erin unstoppable!” – Julie R.

“Erin is highly motivated and extremely open about the REI process. Her ability to communicate and connect with everyone creates an environment where people feel comfortable asking questions. I truly enjoyed this course and highly recommend it for anyone, especially those who are new to REI. She answered all of my questions and provided a plethora of resources that will be useful in the future. Thank you again, Erin, for the time and effort you put in to making this course. I will definitely be in contact and look forward to working with you in the future!” – Katie L.

“Erin is wonderful! She is extremely knowledgeable and truly cares about the homes she represents and the people she works for. Highly recommend!!” – Monica E.

Erin’s mastermind class opened up so many doors for me. It gave me an opportunity to become a real estate investor. I would definitely recommend her class to anyone interested in starting their real estate journey towards financial freedom.” – Josh K.

“Erin’s course is the best thing I’ve done getting started in real estate investing. I knew that I wanted to build a portfolio of rental properties and was more than ready to get started, but I had no idea how or where to begin looking; thats where the REccountability course came in. The course does an excellent job walking you through the process start to finish and teaching many of the creative aspects of REI that an inexperienced investor would never know existed. I was able to do my first deal with the lessons I learned here and Erin made herself available to help me every step of the way. I would highly recommend Erin’s course to anyone that is ready to start taking action but needs some direction or those looking to expand their network and learn something new about REI!” – Joe B.