Our Work

We do all things real estate! We have a robust portfolio of bank financed, seller financed, Self Directed IRA, and cash purchased properties from single family homes to ten unit apartment complexes.  We also love to flip, BRRRR and partner. Our vast experience allows us to teach you about the true power of real estate and just how much you can do in the industry! 

Our Real Estate Portfolio

Country Cottage

We bought this one to take advantage of some major growth outside of Nashville.  The old saying goes “buy low, sell high” and that’s just what we did! We negotiated this down $15,000 from asking price and by the time construction was complete, we had over $40,000 in equity! Oh, and by the way, it’s also tenant occupied with above market rents! 

Clover Meadows

Our Dream Home! This was our first ever real estate investment.  We love everything about this house…probably because we chose all the selections and picked all the paint colors. This could have been our forever home, but the Army had other plans! 

Home Sweet Home

This is our first rental investment! We have only one single picture of this beauty because we literally drove from closing to Lowes to get keys made and had to rush over to the house to hand the keys over to a tenant.  It has not been vacant for one day since. 

The Forest Oasis

This forest oasis was (and continues to be) a fun adventure for our team. We are renovating each unit, replacing roofing and enhancing common living areas. These are small single unit homes for short & long term rent, including an Airbnb!


Sunny Bungalow

The was our first flip.  Can you say “sweat equity”? We poured our hearts and souls into this to get our business off the ground.  It was a learning experience, and we had to really work for it, but it turned about great and now we are completely hooked!

The Warehouse Apt

Man was this place rough when we picked it up! But it was certainly a deal! And the seller financing made it even sweeter! By far the toughest flip we’ve ever completed, but we never quit and it is a cash flow machine!  See the listing here.

Park Manor

This was a quick and easy flip, and we couldn’t be happier with the way the selections turned out! 

Green Hills Tudor

This gem was built in 1930 and still has so much original charm! By far our biggest project, and so far the most fun! We have high hopes of pretty finishes (and profits!) Stay tuned to see how this one turns out! Check out our blog post that goes into the details of this flip.

Re-imagined Refuge

This cozy home was built in 1965 and came with all of it’s original charm! Perhaps the biggest transformation we’ve seen yet, it took a total overhaul to bring this one back to life!

Texas Ranch

This quick and easy flip was fun and lucrative! Sold in just a few days and was a breeze from start to finish!

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