What My Students Have to Say:

"Erin Helle's investor course and personalised coaching have been absolutely invaluable to me."

Brian G.

"Erin makes everything super simple and is there guiding you the whole way. I currently have two deals out of state that would not have been possible without her."


"It was probably the greatest investment I have ever made. I had been looking to get into real estate for awhile but I didn't have to confidence to do it myself"


"Erin’s mastermind class opened up so many doors for me. It gave me an opportunity to become a real estate investor. I would definitely recommend her class to anyone interested in starting their real estate journey towards financial freedom."

-Gunwoo K

"We really enjoyed the Investor course with Erin, and learned so much to jumpstart our REI journey! We are excited to share that we are under contract and are on track to close on our first house! We will be living in the house for a few months, while making some renovations, and plan to rent starting next Spring."

-Kathy S.

"After several difficult renovations of investment properties, Erin helped me establish a plan and develop tools to more effectively manage contractors. Her real world experience and commitment to helping others be successful are incredible, and have made my processes so much more effective. I’m sure I will be working with Erin again as my own business grows."

-Alfred H

"Erin Helle is amazing! Besides being extremely knowledgeable she cares about you and your families needs and listens attentively. She comes highly recommended by me!"

 -Yvette M.

"I would highly recommend Erin's Flipping 101 course to anyone looking to get started flipping houses or in real estate investing in general. It's daunting to analyze flip deals when you don't have any experience, but Erin breaks it down into manageable phases. Using the content from this course I am now under contract on my first flip. The most valuable aspect of the course is Erin's readily available mentorship; it's worth every dollar!"

-Laszlo B